Service Offering

Service Offering
Zone Advanced Protection Systems is a developer of leading edge, IP based open architecture, security software solutions, as well as being a distributor of mission critical security and surveillance products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Since its foundation in 1986, Zone has a proud history of creating and delivering digital video and image systems that have set the benchmark, for both performance and value for money in the security industry. Robust risk management practices are embedded in company practices when developing and integrating products for customers. Zone’s business and management approach fosters an open, entrepreneurial and committed attitude among staff, which combined with strong leadership has been (and remains) fundamental, in fact crucial to Zone’s approach and are key drivers to Zone’s success.

Zone’s core software offering is called Arbitor™ which is a C2 Command & Control PSIM Platform that “fuses” or integrates all data devices (including multiple VMS) into our common operating picture. Rolled out at a Secure Defence Facility in Australia & various army barracks in APAC ideal for Defense, Critical Infrastructure, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol as well as Remote Unmanned Monitoring of stand alone sites.
  • Arbitor™ Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM)
    Law Enforcement Digital Information Management Solution (DIMS)
  • Maritime Surveillance Security System
    Remote Unmanned Monitoring (RUM) System