GE Picture Perfect

GE’s Picture Perfect™ 4 integration with Arbitor™ PSIM
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  • Banking/Financial
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  • Government
  • Education & Healthcare
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  • Utilities & Telecommunication

Picture Perfect™ 4 from GE is an enterprise-class security management platform that integrates access control, alarm monitoring, photo ID credentialing, and data management. Proven and trusted by security and IT professionals since 1991, Picture Perfect™ delivers performance advantages and cost-saving features that no other system in its class can offer.

Arbitor™ PSIM integration with Picture Perfect™ platform provides event automation with command and control for video, access control, intercom, and intrusion devices from a single intuitive console. It supports a wide range of third-party video and intercom systems.

Benefits To The End Users

  • Arbitor™ provides Security management and access control on one cohesive platform Detection of cut or climb attempts.
  • Arbitor™ provides graphical user interface from where all the Doors are added and controllable from the map.
  • Operators can monitor & control each door with live streaming including cardholder information and door status (i.e. Lock, unlock or held open).
  • Locate specific cardholder activities (including printing report) and track person’s movement with associated camera.
  • Predefine business rule where system can easily transfer into emergency lock down condition (i.e. automatically lock all the doors into specific or entire site).
  • Photo ID verification on access
  • Interface with CCTV, intrusion detection, fire alarm and intercom systems
  • Lower hardware costs provide a higher return on investment