FLIR Ranger®

About FLIR Ranger® Ground Radar Intrusion Detection Systems (GRIDS™)
  • GRIDS - 1
  • GRIDS - 2
  • GRIDS - 3
  • Border Security
  • Perimeter Security
  • Building Protection
  • Roadside Animal Detection
  • Traffic Sensing
  • Defence Foliage Detection

Border and perimeter surveillance often requires operation in areas that cannot be practically covered by ground surveillance radars and optical systems due to terrain and foliage. These coverage “gaps” provide ideal pathways for intruders to breach secured areas without being detected. FLIR Ranger® GRIDSTM is a low cost system designed to fill these gaps. The system is relatively insensitive to small animals, thereby minimizing nuisance alarms. Automatic adjustment to changing environmental conditions (such as wind, rain, and foliage growth) prevents false alarms and the operating frequency is impervious to these environmental conditions.

Benefits To The End Users

  • Detection of vehicles and walking personnel in foliage, rough terrain and all weather conditions.
  • Ultra low power design provides unattended sensor operation for many years and can be mounted Above or Below Ground – Covert.
  • The exact location or Zone on SiteMap are known by pinpointing intrusion to penetrate foliage to at least 70 feet (multiple Gateways modules can be used to extend the system to cover any perimeter length).
  • Instantly display event and GPS co-ordinates onto a SiteMap for a rapid response.
  • Automatically brings up LiveStreaming from the associated camera(s) on separate container when intrusion occurs.
  • Workflow driven functionality to automatically call preset position on PTZ enable camera(s).
  • Announce predefined messages on speaker when intrusion occurs.
  • Perform action on the other devices, for example when GRIDSTM intrusion occurs close all the gates automatically.